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Provision & Abundance

It is the will of God that are needs be met and that we have an abundance so that we may be able to give into every good work.

His Love Is Unconditional

God loves you - no strings attached.  There is nothing you have done or ever could do to change His love for you.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

We live in a frantic, mixed up world. People are looking for answers and the world doesn't have them.  If we will follow Jesus, the Great Shepherd He will provide, lead and protect us.


The Benefits of Serving The Lord

Those who serve the Lord have amazing benefits available to them. Learn what some of those benefits are and how to apply them.  

Live For Jesus Today

Living for Jesus everyday of your life sounds like a big task.  The key is to learn to live for Jesus today, right now! Learn how to live for Jesus today.

Overcomer or Overwhelmed

Many Christians feel overwhelmed in life. God's Word makes it clear that through Jesus we are overcomers in this world.  Will you be an Overcomer or Overwhelmed?

How To Keep Stress Out

When stress comes knocking on the door of your life and it will, you can choose to allow it in your life or choose to close the door and keep it out.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Having a thankful heart is key to living a successful life.

Moving Forward


- Pastor Ken

Ken has been pastoring Thrive Family Church since 2014 with his wife Lisa.  He has a strong passion to preach the word of God with boldness and clarity.   Over the past 30 years, Ken has served in almost every area of ministry in the local church, including leading several mission trips.  His desire is to reach people with God's love and His Word, to see lives transformed and build the kingdom of God.