Serving is what defines us!

Opportunities to Serve

There are several opportunities to serve at Thrive family Church.
We believe that serving in church plays a big part in our growing and maturing.
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Children's Ministry

We offer fun, creative and engaging children's programs for kids of all ages. We don't just babysit your children, we teach them the Bible! Classes are available for all services.

Little Sprouts

Babies, six weeks through two years.

Our Little Sprouts volunteers provide a loving and secure environment for your little ones. Classes offer playtime and teaching time with individual attention for your kids.

Big Sprouts

Two through five years old.

We provide your youngster an experience of a fun-filled and nurturing class time. Bible lessons incorporate praise and worship, games, crafts, and puppets.

Thrive Kidz

First through sixth grade.

We offer a fun-filled experience for your children.  They learn how to apply biblical truths to their everyday life with Bible stories, games and crafts.  Volunteers provide a safe and fun atmosphere.

Service Teams

We believe that followers of Jesus should experience the opportunity to learn and do the work of the ministry. The words of the Bible become a reality to those who actively serve others.

At Thrive Family Church, we encourage members to get involved in their church and work alongside others to make a difference in peoples lives. Some examples of areas of service for volunteers are Ushers, Greeters, Media, Audio, Worship, Parking Attendant, Little Sprouts, Big Sprouts, and Thrive Kidz.


Love for people is best expressed through actions. For this reason, reaching those that come to our church, as well as those within our community and beyond is a core part of our mission.

Some of the outreaches that our church has been a part of are the Gospel Rescue Mission, Overseas Missions, Tornado Disaster Relief, Christmas Dinner Baskets, Local School Support, Harvest Family Fun Night, and 4th of July celebrations.

"Go into all the world and preach the Good News..." Mark 16:15 (NLT)


One of the greatest opportunities that we have to get to know each other better is on church workday.We get together to take care of the property so that we always have a clean and well maintained facility for all to enjoy.

Our members often say that they enjoy workday the most of everything that we do together as a family. This work may include various projects outside, such as landscaping, and cleaning on the inside of the building. We always have a wonderful time working alongside one another.

"Two are better than one..." Ecclesiastes 4:9